How to Have the Hard Conversations to Achieve Success

Wiley Larsen

Wiley Larsen was a problem solver from a young age. Growing up, he would actively seek creative solutions to common everyday obstacles, but his journey to entrepreneurship came by chance. After spending eights years as a high school teacher, his knowledge and enthusiasm for startups began while working for Tom Osborne, a congressman in his […]

When Ditching a Potentially Lucrative Career Path Pays Off

AJ Harbinger

It’s an all-too-familiar story for many entrepreneurs: you spend years dedicating yourself to a career path only to eventually realize it no longer gives you fulfillment. That was the scenario for AJ Harbinger, who faced a tough decision while pursuing his Ph.D. –– stay the course or risk everything and pursue entrepreneurship. Luckily for the […]

A Passion for Problem-Solving is Key to Success

Heidi Jannenga

When you think of tech talent, it’s easy to limit that purview to developers and programmers. The Valley is loaded with opportunities for tech talent, and they span far more than coding gigs. In this episode of our special series on TechTalent, Heidi Jannenga, co-founder and president of WebPT, discusses misconceptions new grads have about […]

How to Overcome the Struggle – It’s Not Real

Codie Sanchez

Codie Sanchez is a multi-hyphenate title holder who puts the Energizer Bunny to shame. She’s the founder of CS Ventures, podcast host of the Struggle Isn’t Real, startup founder of Threads Refined (since exited), and head of Latin America and Offshore Sales at First Trust. As most entrepreneurs come to realize, their journey is anything […]

When Believing In Your ‘Crazy’ Idea Pays Off

ron robertson CEO of Picmonic

  Behind every great business is an individual who had an idea that was just crazy enough it could work. At least that was the case with Ron Robertson, co-founder and CEO of Picmonic, a visual learning platform that enables users to create, share and learn from audio/visual content. Ron was a third-year medical student […]

Learning to Let Go To Achieve Growth

What separates an individual with a business idea from an entrepreneur with an idea that could actually turn into a viable business? The ability to successfully identify a market opportunity. That was the case for Gregg Scoresby, founder and CEO of CampusLogic. After years spent as a consultant in the higher education and student financial […]

Scaling with Mindfulness

As companies scale, it’s easy for culture to get pushed to the backburner as teams struggle to keep up with workloads. It’s a challenge in any environment, particularly one of rapid growth. And that certainly was the case WebPT back in 2010 when the young startup began growing in leaps and bounds. When Heidi Jannenga, […]

Rising To The Top With Authenticity

There’s no question the Valley’s tech scene is in on the upswing. One obstacle executives face, however, is finding the right people with the right skills to fill the right seats. In this episode of this special series on TechTalent, Rick Stoddard, Director of Venture Engagement at Coplex, discusses how he defines top tech talent, […]

How to Build a Strong Business Network

There’s no easy, straight and narrow path to entrepreneurial success ––it’s filled honing and fighting for your vision, navigating difficult decisions and balancing scaling with maintaining cash flow. In this episode, Rick Stoddard, Director of Venture Engagement at Coplex, sheds light on some of these challenges and obstacles, and what it takes to move past […]