When Believing Implicitly Pays Off

SuccessLab Podcast with Bob La Loggia AppointmentPlus

How do you successfully grow a software-as-a-service company? Bob La Loggia, founder and CEO of AppointmentPlus, an appointment scheduling software, has carved one path that has led to amazing growth and a 15-year track record.

In this episode, Bob discusses lessons learned, what one thing he did that made a major difference in the growth of the business, and what advice he’d offer up to fellow entrepreneurs.

Speed round:

Coffee drinker, yes or no? Heck no. I eat coffee flavored ice cream though.
One business tool you’re geeking out over right now? It’s not so much a tool, but a way of doing something. I’m geeking out over design thinking.
Favorite piece of technology? My Tesla.
What’s one book you’d pass along to a fellow entrepreneur? The E Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber.
One person you’d like to have dinner with? A group of motivated, energized entrepreneurs.

Next week I’m in the lab with Eli Hall, owner of AMS Landscaping. We discuss how he completely overhauled his landscaping business and how he’s working to integrate customer experience, smart processes and systems, and technology into the business to seed its upward trajectory. Be sure to tune! Until then, have a prosperous week!

Music in this episode: “They Just Don’t Know” by Gyft.

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