Media Temple – they are slightly more pricey than some other popular hosts, but they’re one of the most secure. If you’ve ever had your site hacked, you’ll appreciate the added security.

WordPress – no explanation needed I’m sure.


Task Management

Asana – still can’t believe this tool is free. Absolutely amazing.

Trello – if you don’t like Asana’s interface, chances are you’ll find your fit with Trello


Social Management

Buffer App – combine it with the below and…mind blown.

IFTTT – If This Then That and it’s free. Be sure to search through some of the recipes to get ideas.




Freshbooks – a great tool for invoicing and time tracking. I’m a big fan of Freshbook’s time tracking tool. The service does come with a monthly fee, like most other invoicing tools out there, but the ease of use makes it well worth it.

Pancake App – this also offers invoicing and time tracking features, though not quite as user friendly as Freshbooks. The beauty of the Pancake App though is it doesn’t come with a monthly fee, it’s a one-time purchase (with the exception of upgrades) and it’s hosted on your site.