How To Maximize Online Advertising And Retargeting With Chris Stark

How To Maximize Online Advertising & Retargeting With Chris Stark

The new year has finally arrived! Are you ready for it? In this episode (#31), I’m in the lab with Chris Stark, president of Digital MGMT. We talk digital advertising and remarketing—two increasingly important visibility channels. The Biz Hack covers a 2015 reading list for entrepreneurs. 1. Can you tell us a little bit about […]

Google Analytics IQ Test Now Free

Google Analytics recently lifted the paywall from their Google Analytics IQ test. It’s now free to take. Previously, it was $50 per exam. With digital marketing becoming more and more important, having the certification can be good to have in your arsenal. Even if you don’t obtain the actual certification, going through the lessons will […]

SuccessLab Podcast 16: Building a Business Online with Kirsten Alana

Welcome to the SuccessLab Podcast episode #16. In this episode, I’m in The Lab with Kirsten Alana, a travel photographer, content creator, digital marketer and conference speaker. Interview highlights: Kirsten started her travel photography blog 5 years ago, which led her to leave her office job and begin a career in travel photography. As the […]