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SuccessLab developed out of a need, a passion and a group of supportive entrepreneurs. For quite some time I was searching for a mastermind group to join, but just couldn’t seem to find one that fit my needs. There’s a lot that goes into finding a group. Each is structured differently and it can be a challenge finding one that fits you. The consistency, format and energy of the group are three key components – you have to make sure you jibe with the other members, you’ll consistently be held accountable and you leave the meeting feeling better then when you came in.

Not having much success finding the right fit, I rallied a group of entrepreneurs to form our own. The response was overwhelming. So many business owners were looking for the same support. Our first meeting (held at CO+HOOTS in Phoenix) was amazing. We all left on such a motivational high. Each SuccessLabr shared a challenge they were currently struggling with and collectively we offered up solutions and feedback. We all left with at least one action item we needed to complete prior to the next meeting. This accountability along with each SuccessLabr’s genuine desire to offer support, feedback and advice, has been the key to our individual successes and growth.

Over time I began to notice themes or common issues that would come up during our mastermind meetings. These included time management, marketing, and managing growth. Though the range of businesses in the group is very diverse, the challenges are not. The question then became, how many other entrepreneurs are struggling with these same challenges?

My goal for SuccessLabr.com is to recreate the same supportive, safe and honest place we created in the SuccessLab to help countless other entrepreneurs overcome their struggles and achieve greatness. That’s what we’re all after isn’t it?

The SuccessLab will provide guides, courses, blog posts and podcasts with valuable information on how to master time management and productivity, grow your business, generate more income, and effectively market your business (including how to land epic media coverage).

A bit about me: My name is Beth Cochran, I founded a PR and marketing company called Wired PR when I was 26. While the PR, marketing and content marketing come relatively easy to me, all of the issues that come with operating and growing a business have given me my fair share of challenges. Over the years through trial and error, taking risks and making a lot of mistakes, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. I’ve been so fortunate to be surrounded by some amazing people – clients, friends, family and CO+workers (at CO+HOOTS) – whom I continue to learn from every day.

I’m beyond passionate (if that’s possible?) about helping others realize their potential and pursue their passion. I strongly believe we are all capable of achieving greatness beyond measure – sometimes we just need a little support.

If you ever have any questions, feedback or a simple comment, drop me a note at beth@successlabaz.com.

Here’s to much success and achieving greatness.



Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.” ~Charles Eames

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